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Table 1 Distribution of non-cystic bone marrow lesions according to their locations

From: Semiquantitative assessment of subchondral bone marrow edema-like lesions and subchondral cysts of the knee at 3T MRI: A comparison between intermediate-weighted fat-suppressed spin echo and Dual Echo Steady State sequences

Location* Frequency (Percent)
Tibiofemoral joint 105 (52.5)
Subspinous 27 (13.5)
Lateral femur (central and posterior) 8 (4.0)
Lateral tibia 16 (8.0)
Medial femur (central and posterior) 28 (14.0)
Medial tibia 26 (13.0)
Patellofemoral joint 95 (47.5)
Lateral femur (anterior) 24 (12.0)
Medial femur (anterior) 15 (7.5)
Lateral patella 34 (17.0)
Medial patella 22 (11.0)
  1. * According to the Whole Organ Magnetic Resonance Imaging Score (WORMS), the knee joint is classified into tibiofemoral joint (including subspinous subregion, central and posterior, lateral and medial femoral subregions and lateral and medial tibial subregions) and patellofemoral joint (including anterior lateral and medial femoral subregions, and lateral and medial patellar subregions).