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Table 1 Patient and tumour details

From: Clinical implications of determination of safe surgical margins by using a combination of CT and 18FDG-positron emission tomography in soft tissue sarcoma

Sex/Age Histologic type Location SUV-max Follow-up period Recurrence Prognosis
Male/70 MFH Thigh 3.9 2y5M (-) DF
Male/73 MFH Chest 12.9 1y1M (-) AWD
Male/60 MFH Shoulder 10.5 1y1M (-) DF
Female/64 MFH Thigh 3.8 2y3M (-) DF
Female/77 MFH Forearm 13.8 2y2M (-) DF
Female/79 MFH Buttock 14.9 1y (-) DF
Female/70 Leiomyo Sarcoma Thigh 22.1 2y1M (-) DF
  1. DF: disease free, AWD: alive with disease