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Table 4 The most important barriers and facilitators in the use of measurement instruments, based on the online survey

From: Current use and barriers and facilitators for implementation of standardised measures in physical therapy in the Netherlands

  Private practice physical
Nurse home physical
   - Positive attitude to the use of clinimetrics 85% 97%
   - Clinimetrics leaves enough scope for personal considerations 82% 96%
   - No resistance against clinimetrics not mentioned not mentioned
   - Convinced of the benefits of the use of measurement instruments 83% 89%
   - Use of instruments to evaluate the effect of a treatment 73% 97%
   - Use of measurement instruments enhances the negotiating position to insurance companies 72% not mentioned
   - I already used measurement instruments 97% not mentioned
   - Convinced that use of measurement instruments improves quality of treatment 85% 82%
   - Changes of daily routine is difficult 54% 32%
   - Use of clinimetrics requires extra financial compensation 47% not mentioned
   - Use of clinimetrics takes too much time 44% 14%
   - No measurement instruments for diagnostics 63% 23%
   - The quantity of measurement instruments makes it difficult to choose the right one 50% not mentioned
   - Application of measurement instruments is not implemented in my clinical reasoning 46% not mentioned
   - No support of management in application of clinimetrics 34% 56%