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Table 1 Barriers for the use of measurement instruments for the different categories, based on the semi-structured interviews (n = 20)

From: Current use and barriers and facilitators for implementation of standardised measures in physical therapy in the Netherlands

Level Barriers
Physical therapist  
- competence Lack of knowledge, education, routine and experience
  Focus of diagnosis on impairment
- attitude Resistance to change
  Not being convinced of the added value of measurement instruments
  Being overloaded with information
  Headstrong in terms of own working method
  Defining the outcome of therapy in other ways
  Lack of confidence in own skills
- practice Too much time investment
  Lack of financial compensation
  Lack of computers and digital questionnaires
  Absence of practice policy
- colleagues Lack of discussions, meetings and feedback from colleagues
  No compliance with agreements made
  Different expectations and preferences: patient are not familiar with measurement instruments and only want to be treated
  Patients cannot be tested because of problems with language, lack of cognition etc.
Measurement instruments  
  Poor availability of instruments
  Difficult to choose because of the large number of instruments
  Feasibility: extensive, difficult, interpretation, unclear instructions etc.