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Table 2 Overview of questionnaire items.

From: Effectiveness of diclofenac versus acetaminophen in primary care patients with knee osteoarthritis: [NTR1485], DIPA-Trial: design of a randomized clinical trial

  0 weeks
3 weeks
6 weeks
9 weeks
12 weeks
   Age, gender, weight, height, and social status X      
Outcome measures       
   Pain score (NRS) X X X X X X
   Pain score (KOOS) X X X X X  
   Function score (KOOS) X X X X X  
   Perceived recovery X X X X X  
   Constant pain, and pain that comes and goes (ICOAP) X X X X X  
   Quality of life (EuroQol) X X X X X  
   Direct medical, patient, and productivity costs (PRODISQ)      X  
   Compliance       X
   Adverse reactions   X X X X  
Other outcomes       
   Knee-related characteristics (History, duration, and localisation) X      
   Co-morbidities X      
   Medication use   X X X X X
   Medical consumption (Visit to GP, medical specialist, physical therapist, etc.)   X X X X  
  1. B.Q. = Baseline Questionnaire; F.U.Q. = Follow-up Questionnaire; F.Q. = Final Questionnaire; KOOS = Knee Osteoarthritis Outcome Score; NRS = Numeric Rating Scale; ICOAP = Intermittent and Constant OsteoArthritis Pain; PRODISQ = PROductivity and DISease Questionnaire