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Table 1 Cases of DVT (Deep Vein Thromboembolism) described in literature after shoulder arthroscopy

From: Deep vein thromboembolism after arthroscopy of the shoulder: two case reports and a review of the literature

Year Number of patients Reference Personal and family history Disorder requiring shoulder arthroscopy DVT event Individuation of subsequent risk factors for DVT
1988 1 case report Burkhart SS. 1990. [20] 32-year-old male in good health Anterior subdislocation of the left shoulder with Hill-Sachs lesion Complete thrombosis of the left basilica and innominata veins on the 3rd post-operative day Hodgkin's lymphoma
2001 1 case report Polzhofer et al, 2003 [19] 48-year-old male with type 2 diabetes, obesity, humeral en chondroma Right subacromial conflict syndrome in calcific supraspinal tendinitis Thrombosis of the right cephalic vein with pulmonary embolism on the 7th postoperative day ---------
2006 1 case report Hariri et al, 2009 [18] 25-year-old male, smoker Glenohumeral instability Thrombophlebitis of the brachial vein complicated by pulmonary embolism on the 10th postoperative day Prolonged duration of procedure (150 minutes), lateral decubitus and arm traction with 3 Kg, general anesthesia
2005/2006 6 DVT events on 9385 arthroscopies Randelli et al, 2009 [17] Italian multi-centric study 4 patients were treated for lesion of rotator cuff;
1 patient was treated for glenohumeral instability;
- 1 patient was treated for acromionplasty
5 patients showed a deep vein thrombosis;
1 patient showed a pulmonary embolism
2008 3 case reports Bongiovanni et al, 2009 [21] 1° case: 30-year-old male in good health
2° case: 54-year-old female in good health
3° case: 66-year-old male in good health
1° case: Lesion of the glenoid rim and supraspinal insertion
2° case: Lesion of the rotator cuff
3°: Lesion of the rotator cuff
1° case: Deep vein thrombosis of basilica and humeral veins on the 4th post-operative day
2° case: DVT of the popliteal vein and tibiofibular branch of leg on the 10th postoperative day
3° case: Occlusion of humeral, cephalic and basilica veins on the 6th post-operative day
1° case: Hereditary thrombophilia (Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome)
2° case: Hereditary thrombophilia (prothrombin promoter G20210A mutation and 4G4G promoter mutation of the plasminogen activator inhibitor)
3° case: Hereditary thrombophilia (mutation of 1691A gene for Factor V and mutation in C677T gene for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase enzyme)