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Figure 2 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Figure 2

From: Contributions of lean mass and fat mass to bone mineral density: a study in postmenopausal women

Figure 2

Mean lumbar spine (top panel), femoral neck (middle panel), and whole body BMD (bottom panel) for a tertile lean mass (x-axis) and tertile fat mass. The tertiles of lean mass were as follows: < 30.4 kg, 30.5 to 34 kg, and > 34.1 kg. Tertiles of fat mass were as follows: < 16.7 kg, 16.8 to 21.2 kg, and > 21.3 kg. The standard deviation for each bar (subgroup) for lumbar spine BMD was ~0.14 g/cm2, and for femoral neck and whole body was ~0.11 g/cm2.

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