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Table 2 Data collected

From: Total knee arthroplasties performed with a mini-incision or a standard incision. Similar results at six months follow-up

Surgery duration (min)
Size of incision (cm)
Size of the femoral component
Size of the tibial component
Thickness of the tibial polyethylene insert (mm)
Length of post-operative hospital stay (days)
Blood loss in the immediate post-operative check-up (grams of hemoglobin)
Redon draining (cc)
Number of rescue analgesic doses during immediate post-operative period
Radiographic alignment of the tibial component of the prosthesis/axis on the tibia (degrees)
Radiographic alignment of the femoral component of the prosthesis/axis on the femur (degrees)
Radiographic measurement of the femorotibial axis (degrees)
Use of walking stick or crutches (one, two, none)