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Figure 3

From: Relationship between radiographic changes and symptoms or physical examination findings in subjects with symptomatic medial knee osteoarthritis: a three-year prospective study

Figure 3

Relationship between symptoms and radiographic changes. A. Longitudinal change of JKOM score in the subjects who had at least one progressed joint (closed circle) and those without progressed joints (open circle). **, P < 0.01, unpaired t-test. B and C. Results of ROC analysis of JKOM score for the prediction of JSW narrowing at enrollment (B) and at 30 months (C), resepctively. AUC, area under the curve. D. JKOM score in subjects whose osteophyte score increased 2 or more in at least one knee (closed circle) and that in subjects whose increase in score was less than 2 in either knee (open circle) at baseline and every 6 months. In A and D, higher JKOM score indicates severer symptoms. Results are shown by mean + or - SD.

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