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Table 2 Predictor variables selected for multivariate orthogonal partial least square (O-PLS) regression model for cervical kinematics

From: Kinematics of fast cervical rotations in persons with chronic neck pain: a cross-sectional and reliability study

Total scores/index scores From NDI From DASH Additional questions
TSK Pain intensity Arm, shoulder or Age
SF-36 PF Headache hand pain Symptom duration
SF-36 BP Concentration difficulties Tingling (pins and needles) in your arm, shoulder or hand How physically active at leisure time have you been in the last year
SF-36 GH Sleeping disturbance Weakness in your arm, shoulder or hand Can you, due to neck problems:
SF-36 VT Car driving      Bend the head forward
SF-36 SF       Bend the head backward
SF-36 MH       Bend the head to the right
DASH 1-19       Bend the head to the left
       Turn the head to the right
       Turn the head to the left
    Do you experience:
       Jaw disorder
       Difficulty swallowing
       Clumsiness of the hands
       Balance disturbance
       Sensory disturbance
       Sensitivity to light
       Sensitivity to sound
       Neck pain during activity
       Neck pain during rest
       Neck stiffness
       Neck tenderness
       Neck tension
       Neck fatigue
       Neck weakness
       Neck crepitations
       Neck lockings
  1. NDI: Neck Disability Index; DASH: Disability of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand; TSK: TAMPA Scale of Kinesiophobia; SF-36 PF: Short Form-36 physical functioning; SF-36 BP: Short Form-36 bodily pain; SF-36 GH: Short Form-36 general health; SF-36 VT: Short Form-36 vitality; SF-36 SF: Short Form-36 social functioning; SF-36 MH: Short Form-36 mental health.