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Table 2 Summary of the characteristics that define FM fatigue

From: Fatigue in fibromyalgia: a conceptual model informed by patient interviews

FM-fatigue characteristics US
(n = 20)
(n = 10)
(n = 10)
(n = 40)
Example Quote
Overwhelming feeling of tiredness 10 4 3 17 "Feeling of just being, just overwhelmed by tired - just being tired and sleepy and fatigued" - Female, aged 61, US
"you're that tired, it's this big oppressive - it's like a blanket and it wraps you's overwhelming" - Female, aged 33, US
Not relieved by resting or sleeping 10 1 4 15 "I could sleep 20 hours and still be tired. That is terrible." - Female, aged 58, Germany
"But when you sleep, it doesn't resolve it. You still wake up tired. " - Female, aged 50, US
Not proportional to effort exerted 17 4 4 25 "...whereas in this case you've done nothing, you shouldn't feel tired, but you do, you're weary, completely lethargic." - Female, aged 39, France
"In general, the fatigue, for me, it strikes quite bad, because I normally like an active person. And now to do the simplest little thing, I can be where I'm just totally worn out. Like I've been doing something all day long very strenuous." - Female, aged 49, US
Feeling of weakness or heaviness 10 4 6 20 "your whole body feels really heavy, like I was saying about the cement suit thing. I just feel like there's a real heaviness to it." -Female, aged 41, US
"I don't shop, my friends do it for me, it is enough to go with them and say what I want; that is exhausting enough. Exhaustion means that my body feels lifeless and weak." - Female, aged 50, Germany
Difficult to get motivated 12 5 5 20 " just don't have the energy and the motivation to get out of the bed and do anything" - Male, aged 50, US
"Yes, well, the lack of enthusiasm which I have, that I have to overcome to motivate myself into doing something." - Female, aged 58, Germany
Difficulty doing the things they want to do 12 3 9 24 " you are too tired to go shopping, for example" - Male, aged 49, Germany
Having to do things more slowly 8 4 3 15 "Because I'm sluggish no matter what I'm doing, that's it! I need more time doing things now that took me 5 minutes before!" - Female patient, aged 30, France
Difficult to concentrate, think or remember things 12 7 8 27 "Well I think that the fatigue causes - I think it causes a lot of things to be missing in a person's concentration." - Female, aged 56, US
" can't think and you can't hear, and everything's grey." - Female, aged 33, US