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Table 1 back disorders according to ICD-10 (2002 version)

From: Prevalence of diagnosis and direct treatment costs of back disorders in 644,773 children and youths in Germany

M40-43: deforming dorsopathies M40: kyphosis and lordosis
  M41: scoliosis
  M42: spinal osteochondrosis
  M43: other deforming dorsopathies
M45-M49: spondylopathies M45: ankylosing spondylitis
  M46: other inflammatory spondylopathies
  M47: spondylosis
  M48: other spondylopathies
  M49: spondylopathies in diseases classified elsewhere
M50-M54: other dorsopathies M50: cervical disc disorders
  M51: other intervertebral disc disorders
  M53: other dorsopathies, not elsewhere classified
  M54: dorsalgia