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Figure 1

From: Comparison of glucose derivatives effects on cartilage degradation

Figure 1

The effects of Glc, GlcN-S, GlcA and GlcN-HCl: release of s-GAG, HA from porcine cartilage tissues to the media, the uronic acid remaining in the cartilage tissue. Porcine cartilage explants were cultured with IL-1β (25 ng/ml) in absence and presence of each chemical (at varying concentrations of 20, 40, 80 mM) for 3 days. In the media, the s-GAG release was measured by using a dye-binding assay, and HA release was measured by ELISA. Cartilage discs were digested with papain and then the uronic acid content was measured. *, ** Denotes: a value that is significantly different (p < 0.05 and p < 0.01, respectively) from the IL-1β control.

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