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Table 1 Outcome measures used at baseline and follow-up assessments

From: Non-pharmacological care for patients with generalized osteoarthritis: design of a randomized clinical trial

Outcome (Instrument) Time Points (weeks)
  0 6 13 26 39 52
Daily functioning (HAQ) [34] X X X X X X
HRQoL (RAND-36) [42] X X   X   X
HRQoL (EuroQol EQ-5d) [45] X X X X X X
Patient specific complaints (PSK) [43] X X   X   X
Fatigue (CIS-8) [44] X X   X   X
Physical activity (SQUASH) [48] X X   X   X
Illness Cognitions (ICQ) [65] X X   X   X
Patient Global Assessment (PGA) [50]   X   X   X
Self-efficacy (GSES) [51] X X   X   X
Kinesiophobia (TSK) [66] X X   X   X
Costs   X X X X X
  1. Abbreviations: HRQoL = Health related quality of life.