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Table 4 Selected prognostic variables for subgroup analysis.

From: The NEtherlands Cervical Kinematics (NECK) Trial. Cost-effectiveness of anterior cervical discectomy with or without interbody fusion and arthroplasty in the treatment of cervical disc herniation; a double-blind randomised multicenter study

Demographic variables
   Age ≤ 40 years versus > 40 years
   Women versus men
   High education versus low education
Anamnestic and neurological variables
   Neck pain versus no neck pain
   Quetelet index ≤ 30 versus > 30
Radiological variables
   Uncovertebral osteophytes versus no osteophytes
   Straight neck versus lordotic neck
   Low disc (≤5 mm) versus high disc (>5 mm)