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Table 1 Selection criteria for trial eligibility.

From: The NEtherlands Cervical Kinematics (NECK) Trial. Cost-effectiveness of anterior cervical discectomy with or without interbody fusion and arthroplasty in the treatment of cervical disc herniation; a double-blind randomised multicenter study

Inclusion criteria
   Age 18 - 65 years
   Radicular signs and symptoms in one or both arms
   At least 8 weeks prior conservative treatment
   Radiographic diagnosis of cervical disc herniation and/or osteophyte at 1 level (C3-C4 to C7-T1) in accordance with clinical signs and symptoms
   Informed consent
Exclusion criteria
   Previous cervical surgery (either anterior or posterior)
   No motion of the index level on dynamic studies
   Increased antero-posterior motion of the index level on dynamic studies (>3 mm)
   Involved disc level fused or very narrow (central <3 mm)
   Severe segmental kyphosis of involved disc level (>3 degrees)
   Neck pain only
   Symptoms and signs of chronic myelopathy
   Infection, bone disease, neoplasm or trauma of the cervical spine
   Spinal anomaly (Klippel-Feil, Bechterew, OPLL)
   Severe mental or psychiatric disorder
   Inadequate Dutch language
   Planned (e)migration abroad in the year after inclusion