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Table 2 inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: The Felix-trial. Double-blind randomization of interspinous implant or bony decompression for treatment of spinal stenosis related intermittent neurogenic claudication

Exclusion/Inclusion Reason
Patient will be excluded signed informed consent
  40 to 85 years
  has INC, as noted by leg/buttock/groin pain with or without back pain
  at least three months conservative treatment
  has a regular indication for surgical intervention INC
  has a narrowed lumbar spinal canal, nerve root canal or intervertebral foramen at one or two levels confirmed by MRI
  is physically and mentally willing and able to comply with, or has caregiver why is willing and able to comply with, the post-operative evaluations
Patient will be included has a cauda equina syndrome
  has a herniated disc at the same level, necessitating lumbar discectomy
  has Paget's disease, severe osteoporosis or metastasis to the vertebrae
  has significant scoliosis (Cobb angle >25 degrees)
  has had previous surgery of the same lumbar level
  has degenerative spondylolisthesis > grade 1 (scale 1 to 4) at the affected level
  has significant instability of the lumbar spine
  has severe co morbid conditions
  has a fused segment at the indicated level