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Figure 2

From: Characterization of differential properties of rabbit tendon stem cells and tenocytes

Figure 2

The testing of multi-differentiation potential of TSCs and tenocytes in vitro. A. Adipogenesis of PTSCs (arrows point to lipid droplets). B. Chondrogenesis of PTSCs. C. Cartilage-like pellet (arrow) formed from PTSCs. D. Osteogenesis of PTSCs (An arrow points to a clustered calcium droplet). Similar multi-differentiation potential is shown for ATSCs (E-H). Patellar tenocytes (PTs) and Achilles tenocytes (ATs) were not found to exhibit such a multi-differentiation potential (I-P, also see text for additional descriptions of experimental results). (Magnification of microscopy: 10×).

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