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Table 2 Quality component checklist and quality evaluation of seven trials included in the review (Kaae et al.,1989 excluded*).

From: Effectiveness of physiotherapy exercise following hip arthroplasty for osteoarthritis: a systematic review of clinical trials

Does the study/author information adequately contain the following: Jan et al., 2004 Johnsson et al., 1988 Nyberg & Kreuter, 2002 Patterson et al., 1995 Sashika et al., 1996 Suetta et al., 2004 Trudelle-Jackson & Smith 2004
Rationale for study Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Eligibility criteria Y P Y Y Y Y Y
Recruitment method N N P P Y P Y
Settings and location of study P P Y Y P P P
Intervention Y P Y P Y P Y
Objectives/hypotheses P P N P P Y Y
Defined outcome measures Y P N N P Y Y
Quality enhancers (e.g. multiple observations) Y   N P N P Y
Sample size determination Y N N N P Y N
Randomisation Alternately assigned Y Alternately assigned Assigned by location Not randomised Y Y
Randomisation sequence generation Y N Y Y I Y Y
Allocation concealment N N Y N N N N
Randomisation implementation methods N N N N N N N
Blinding – participant N N N N N N Y
Blinding – of those administering the intervention N N N N N P N
Blinding – outcome/assessments Y N Y Y N Not all blinded Not blinded
Statistical methods Y P Y Y N Y Y
Flow of participants through each stage Y U Y N P P Y
Recruitment and follow up dates N N Y N N P N
Baseline demographics Y N P Y Y Y Y
Numbers analysed (and ITT) Y U P U Y P Y
Summary of Results P P P Y P Y Y
Estimated effect sizes N P N N N N N
Precision N N N Y N Y N
Results for each outcome Y Y Y Y P Y Y
Ancillary analyses P N I N N N N
Adverse events P P Y N P N N
Interpretation P P P P N N P
Generalisability P P Y P N N N
Results placed into context P P P P P P P
Judged to be of sufficient quality for inclusion in explanatory meta-analyses? N N N N N Y Y for Oxford hip score only
  1. Key: Y = Yes, included in paper/information to meet CONSORT level standards. N = not provided in paper/information. I = considered inappropriate/impossible.
  2. P = Partially evident in paper/information. U = not fully provided/explained in paper/information and therefore unclear/ambiguous. *This trial was written up in summary form rather than as a journal paper.