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Table 3 Research topics identified by the knee pain forum

From: The Keele community knee pain forum: action research to engage with stakeholders about the prevention of knee pain and disability

Topic Research ideas
Changing uncertainty and expectations - How can we deal with the uncertainty about what can be done for knee pain (patients and professionals)?
- How can we overcome the problems of poor expectations in relation to knee pain in society?
- How to shift societal expectations?
Defining effective interventions - How to build issues into daily life. This needs studies to make initiatives more appropriate to people
- Testing multi-agency working
- Long term research required
- Why aren't GPs or other health care professionals giving lifestyle advice?
Evaluate public health interventions - Evaluate the results of media and dissemination of research messages. For example, evaluate the outcome of delivering hard hitting messages on behaviour change
- Develop community interventions, which need to be free of charge
Implementation - How can we get more evidence into practice?
Primary Prevention - Studies with key groups, like children, younger adults, parents.
- What do key groups know about knee pain and the musculoskeletal health?
- Do they know of the impact of risk factors for themselves or their children?