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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: Optimising corticosteroid injection for lateral epicondylalgia with the addition of physiotherapy: A protocol for a randomised control trial with placebo comparison

Inclusion criteria
Unilateral elbow pain for longer than six weeks
Pain severity equal or greater than 30 mm on a 100 mm visual analogue scale
Pain over the lateral humeral epicondyle provoked by at least two of: gripping, palpation, stretching of forearm extensor muscles and resisted wrist or middle finger extension
Reduced pain-free grip force
Age between 18–70 years
An acceptable understanding of written and spoken English
Willingness to comply with treatment and follow-up assessments
Exclusion criteria
Injection within the preceding 6 months
Course of exercise based physiotherapy program within the preceding 3 months
Concomitant neck or other arm pain that has prevented participation in usual work or recreational activities or necessitated treatment within the last 6 months
Evidence of other primary sources of lateral elbow pain including: exacerbation of elbow pain with neck movements or manual examination; pain localised over the radiohumeral joint, sensory disturbance in the affected hand
History of fractures within the preceding 10 years, elbow surgery, malignancy, inflammatory or arthritic disorder
Any medical condition which may contraindicate injection or exercise prescription
Pregnant or breastfeeding