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Table 3 Associated injuries with Floating knee and their management

From: Impact of associated injuries in the Floating knee: A retrospective study

Associated injury Patients Intervention
Patellar fractures 3 Open reduction internal fixation
Knee ligament injuries 4 Ligament repair, medial meniscectomy
Clavicle fractures 4 Conservative
Femoral fractures (opposite) 3 Intramedullary nailing
Femoral artery injury 1 Femoro-popliteal bypass graft
Humeral shaft fractures 4 Open reduction internal fixation
Head injury 3 Conservative
Rib fractures 1 Conservative
Haemo-pneumothorax 2 Chest drain insertion
Forearm bones fractures 1 Open reduction internal fixation
Contralateral tibial fractures 4 Intramedullary nailing
Metatarsal fractures 4 Conservative
Fat embolism 3 Mechanical ventilation
Radial nerve palsy 1 Conservative