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Table 2 Karlstrom criteria for functional assessment after management of floating knee injuries

From: Impact of associated injuries in the Floating knee: A retrospective study

Criterion Excellent Good Acceptable Poor
Symptoms from thigh or leg None Intermittent slight symptoms More severe symptom impairing function Considerable functional impairment: pain at rest
Symptoms from knee or ankle joint None Same as above Same as above Same as above
Walking ability Unimpaired Same as above Walking distance restricted Uses cane, crutch or other support
Work and sports Same as before Given up sport; work same as before Change to less strenuous work Permanent disability
Angulation, rotational deformity or both 0 < 10 degrees 10 – 20 degrees > 20 degrees
Shortening 0 < 1 centimetre 1 – 3 centimetres > 3 centimetres
Restricted joint mobility 0 < 10 degrees at ankle; < 20 degrees at hip, knee or both 10 – 20 degrees at ankle; 20 – 40 degrees at hip, knee or both > 20 degrees at ankle; > 40 degrees at hip, knee or both