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Figure 4

From: Arm rotated medially with supination – the ARMS variant: description of its surgical correction

Figure 4

Modified Mallet scale evaluation of function and arm appearance. In addition to assessing the classical shoulder functions of the classical Modified Mallet system, supination and the resting position are evaluated. In the resting position, medial rotation at the shoulder is scored on a scale of 1 to 5. Fixed forearm supination is noted in the resting position as indicated by the drawings labeled 2A (first web space visible) and 4A (palm visible). Lateral rotation position can also be noted in the resting position. A total Mallet score is calculated from the scores for abduction, hand to neck, hand to spine, hand to mouth, and lateral rotation, giving a maximum score of 25. Angles are measured from video stills for abduction, hand to mouth and apparent supination and estimated for lateral rotation.

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