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Table 5 How the different aspects of pain were addressed by the different questionnaires.

From: How well do questionnaires on symptoms in neck-shoulder disorders capture the experiences of those who suffer from neck-shoulder disorders? A content analysis of questionnaires and interviews

Pain aspect Addressed as Questionnaire
Prevalence Ever, 12 months, 7 days SNQ
Intensity   All questionnaires
(SNQ if combined with VAS)
  On an average (overall/over the past week/on a typical day) BQ, CSOQ, NPDS
  At its worst CSOQ, NPDS
  At its best CSOQ
  Related to different sorts of activity BQ, CSOQ, EABPS, NDI, NPDS, PFM
  Related to rest CSOQ, PFM
Duration How many days in pain over the last 2 weeks? EABPS
  How many days in pain last 12 months? SNQ
Variation and duration Continuous vs. intermittent symptoms, combined with duration NPQ
Frequency and intensity How often? How much? PFM
Temporal aspects of pain At the moment CSOQ, NDI, NPDS, NPQ
  Over the last 24 hours NPQ, PSFS
  Over the last 1–2 weeks BQ, CNPQ, EABPS, SNQ
  Over the last 12 months SNQ
  Ever SNQ
  Compared to latest measurement NPQ