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Table 4 Overview of all symptoms included in the questionnaires

From: How well do questionnaires on symptoms in neck-shoulder disorders capture the experiences of those who suffer from neck-shoulder disorders? A content analysis of questionnaires and interviews

Instrument Neck/shoulder symptoms Symptoms from the
rest of the body
Name Focus Pain Other Musculo- skeletal Other   
Neck Pain and Disability Scale (NPDS) Neck Neck pain Neck stiffness   Sleeping difficulties Affected ability to think or concentrate Changed outlook on life (depression, hopelessness etc.) Affected emotions
Northwick Park Neck Pain Questionnaire (NPQ) Neck + arms Neck pain   Arm pain. Pins and needles in arms. Sleeping difficulties   
Patient-Specific Functional Scale Self-Reports with Neck-Dysfunction (PSFS) General, tested pt with neck dysfunction. Neck pain      
Profile Fitness Mapping questionnaires
Neck + arm-hand Soreness Neck pain Stiffness
Tension Cracks
Tiredness Weakness Lockings
Fumblingness hands
Numbness Jaw trouble
Disturbance of balance
Dizziness Indisposed Disturbance of swallowing Disturbance of breathing Sleeping difficulties
Disturbance of concentration
Sensitivity to sound Sensitivity to light
Irritability, short tempered
Depressed Stressed
Anxiety Mood disturbances
Standardised Nordic Questionnaire
Neck + shoulder + whole loco-motor system Ache, pain Discomfort Ache, pain & discomfort in: elbow, hand/wrist, upper back, low back, hips, knees, feet/ankles