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Table 3 Overview all symptoms included in the questionnaires

From: How well do questionnaires on symptoms in neck-shoulder disorders capture the experiences of those who suffer from neck-shoulder disorders? A content analysis of questionnaires and interviews

Instrument Neck/shoulder
Symptoms from the
rest of the body
Name Focus Pain Other Musculo-
Bournemouth Questionnaire
Neck Neck pain     Difficulties concentrating Anxiety (feeling tense, uptight, irritable, difficulties relaxing) Depression (feeling down-in-the-dumps, sad, in low spirits, pessimistic, unhappy)
Cervical Spine Outcome Questionnaire
Neck + Shoulder arm Neck pain + Shoulder-arm pain   Pain shoulder-arm and head ache tingling in arms or hands. Numbness, clumsiness or weakness legs Difficulties swallowing Sleeping difficulties
Felt sickly or unwell
Felt low in energy or sluggish
  Feeling jittery or restless Feeling anxious or tense
Worry or concern about one's physical health
Feeling sad, discouraged or hopeless
Core Neck Pain Questionnaire (CNPQ) Neck + Shoulder-arm Neck pain + Shoulder-arm pain      Feelings about spending the rest of life with these symptoms
Extended Aberdeen Back Pain Scale
Neck + Shoulder- arm, hand Pain neck, back or limb
Pain arm, shoulder
Weak-ness or loss of power: shoulder Head ache
Pain arm; upper arm, fore arm, or wrist/hand Weakness/loss of power; upper arm, fore arm, or wrist/hand Loss of feelings in arms
Sleeping difficulties   
Neck Disability Index
Neck Neck pain   Head ache Sleeping difficulties Affected ability to concentrate