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Table 1 Summary of data collection.

From: Effectiveness of manual therapy compared to usual care by the general practitioner for chronic tension-type headache: design of a randomised clinical trial

  Baseline After 8 weeks After 26 weeks Measurement
Sociodemographics X    Single items
Treatment expectations X    7-point rating scale
Primary outcome measures     
Headache frequency X X X Headache diary
Medication use X X X Headache diary
Secondary outcome measures     
Headache pain intensity X X X 10 points scale
Headache Impact on daily life X X X HIT-6 HDI
Active range of movement Cervical spine X X X CROM
Algometry M. Trapezius and suboccipital muscles X X X Algometer
Craniocervical angle X X X Digital photo
Endurance neck flexor muscles X X X Neck flexor endurance test
Use of health care resources    X Checklist