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Table 3 summarising the responses of members of the public to terms discussed in the focus groups.

From: Divided by a lack of common language? - a qualitative study exploring the use of language by health professionals treating back pain

Speaking a different
language - terms that could
lead to problematic misunderstandings
Speaking a different
language - terms with
unintended meanings but
few negative repercussions
Speaking a common language
- terms which the public
appeared to understand as intended
Acute (low) back pain/ache Muscle spasm
Chronic Mechanical back pain/ache Sensation
Recurrent Muscle sprain Manipulation
Muscle Weakness Muscle strain Mobilisation
Instability Sciatica Soft tissue technique
Non-specific back pain Radiated Rehabilitation
Neurological involvement Muscle imbalance  
Trapped nerve Nerve root pain  
Paraesthesia Disc - prolapsed, slipped,  
Managing your back pain    Herniated, ruptured  
Coping Facet Joint  
Psychological pain Alignment  
Wear and Tear Posture  
Arthritis Spondylitis  
Exercise Stenosis