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Table 1 Included diagnoses

From: Reliability of clinical tests to evaluate nerve function and mechanosensitivity of the upper limb peripheral nervous system

Diagnosis* Number of cases
Cervical radiculopathy 2
Cervical disc herniation 2
Nonspecific neck pain 4
Nonspecific arm pain 6
Rotator cuff tear 2
Biceps and supraspinatus tendinopathy 1
Shoulder impingement 2
Persistent pain after proximal ulnar fracture 1
Neurolysis of the ulnar nerve at elbow 1
Cubital tunnel syndrome 1
Lateral epicondylalgia 2
Nonspecific paraesthesia in the hand 1
Nonspecific wrist pain 3
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 3
  1. *Diagnosis as referred by general practitioners, based on clinical findings, supported with imaging techniques where required.